Luxurious bedding, comfortable pillows, and stylish decor in every suite

Breakfast with flowers on the table of a duplex apartment

Unwind outdoors on the sun terrace, or stay in with Netflix and 4K televisions in your room

Duplex apartment living room with breakfast on the table and sofa in the corner. Wooden staircase to the second floor.

The comfort of home while journeying abroad, with full kitchens, cutlery, and cookware

Breakfast and flowers on the table in the middle of large apartment studio


A lively studio where you can relax in the comforts of home while exploring Prague. With ground floor access, this affordable apartment overlooks the bustling street below. Prepare your meals in a full kitchen, freshen up your clothes with a washer, and rest in luxurious bedding in our smallest, budget space.
Retreat in this spacious apartment as you tour and explore. Start your day at the kitchen table with your traveling companions, a warm drink, or a meal prepared in a kitchen fully equipped with stovetop and oven. Rest on the sofa at the end of the day while you chat, watch television, and ready yourself to explore Prague.
A calming getaway with the privacy of two separated bedrooms, lofted above a spacious living area. The classic woodwork provides plenty of closet space for storing your luggage and purchases in the city. Rest in quiet with a view of Prague’s centre, or join your companions downstairs in a spacious living area with sofa, kitchen and dining table for celebrating your travels and planning the next.
Enjoy privacy and comfort in these sunny bedrooms separated by a living room with sofa, television, and a fully equipped kitchen. Start your day in the stylish dining area or with a warm drink on the sun terrace. Soak and unwind in a full bathtub while you rest from a day of travel, or a enjoy a meal prepared on the stove or in the oven with cookware provided.
Escape in this stylish, sunny apartment in the heart of Prague’s historic center. Unwind from your travels and watch your favorite streaming shows from the sofa, or under a blanket in the comfort of our luxurious beds. Prepare your morning coffee and enjoy it on the sun terrace or in the separated kitchen equipped with stove, oven, and full supply of cookware. Later, dine on traditional Czech cuisine in the courtyard restaurant.
A lavish getaway with a spacious walk-in closet and bedroom lofted above a stylish living room. Enjoy the quiet privacy of home in one of three separate bedrooms, each equipped with luxurious bedding and ample closet space. Celebrate your journey together in a grand, open kitchen and rest on the sofa while you watch your favorite shows – or enjoy the view of historic Malá Strana below.

Our apartments

Our spacious accommodations are excellent for a trip with friends, family or as a couple. Each accommodation is fully equipped and furnished to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

In this stylish, calming apartment space on the ground floor, retreat from your journey through Prague’s lively streets. Settle into a soft and luxurious bed to watch your favorite streaming shows on TV, or simply relax on a comfortable chair with a meal prepared in your own kitchen.
Unwind from your journey in a cozy, lofted bedroom with rustic hardwood supports. Restore in the comfort of our plush mattresses and soft pillows, or soak in the warmth of a full bathtub. Relax on the sofa in an open living room with television to follow your favorite shows while exploring this historic city, or prepare a meal in a full kitchen with stove and oven.
This cozy studio apartment offers a relaxing escape from the bustling streets of Prague’s city center. Relax on the sofa and watch your favorite streaming shows on TV, or rest in the plush bedding to restore for the day ahead. Stroll outside to the sun terrace for a warm drink and a chat with your traveling companions, or for a meal prepared in your own kitchen.
Perfect for group travelers seeking the privacy of three cozy bedrooms, each equipped with our luxurious bedding and plush pillows so you can rest in quiet comfort. Join together in a separated living room and dining area with full kitchen before setting out on your travels or restoring for the day ahead.
Perfect for groups and families with the privacy of three separate bedrooms and two bathrooms. Restore and soak in a full bathtub after exploring the city. Prepare meals in a full kitchen and enjoy them together in a rustic dining room with calming views of Prague’s revered Malá Strana neighborhood.